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Author martin.panter
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Date 2016-05-15.09:28:19
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Unfortunately, I think my debugging messages needed a flush() call to be effective when the deadlock happens.

So the test is failing on three buildbots:

* AMD64 Snow Leop 3.x: stuck at Lib/, os.waitpid() waiting for child to exit
* x86 OpenBSD 3.x: stuck at Lib/, -> self._kqueue.control() waiting for pty event
* x86 Tiger 3.x: sel.register() -> self._kqueue.control() raises ENOTSUP

On the other hand, the test is passing on Free BSD, Open Indiana, AIX, and Linux (+ Meador’s OS X Yosemite). I think I might just skip the test on the problematic platforms, unless anyone has any suggestions for these other platforms:

@unittest.skipIf(sys.platform.startswith(("darwin", "openbsd")))
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