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Date 2016-05-15.06:45:16
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Updated patch includes changed tests and the documentation. It includes changes for new exceptions added in issue26039. Perhaps not all changes should be accepted, but I have included them for demonstrating.

RuntimeError was used in following cases:

1. Compressed or uncompressed file size unexpectedly exceeded 32-bit limit. I think this should left RuntimeError.

2. Compression requires the (missing) zlib/bz2/lzma module. I think this should left RuntimeError.

3. Unsupported compression method. This can be changed to more specific NotImplementedError without breaking compatibility.

4. Corrupted extra field. BadZipFile is more appropriate exception. Not documented.

5. Invalid mode for ZipFile() or ValueError is more appropriate exception, this is programming error. Not documented.

6. File not ending with ".py" for PyZipFile.writepy(). ValueError looks more appropriate exception, but RuntimeError is documented.

7. Write in reading mode, use after closing. ValueError or io.UnsupportedOperation would be more consistent with files, but RuntimeError can be also used in similar cases. RuntimeError is explicitly documented (maybe because it is not typical exception for such cases). Unfortunately there is no special exception type for using an object in wrong state.

8. Read, write or close when there is other open writing handler. These are new exceptions and we are free to change them. There are arguments for using ValueError and RuntimeError in similar cases.

9. Absent or incorrect password for encrypted file. If file encryption is expected, this is programming error and can be ValueError, but if it is not expected, it should be RuntimeError.

I'm going to push changes for cases 3 and 4, this looks safe. Cases 5 and 6 are more discussable. There are reasons for RuntimeError in cases 7, 8 and 9. And I think RuntimeError is appropriate in cases 1 and 2.
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