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Date 2016-05-13.06:25:00
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> Question: does the text widget freezes on button down or not until button up.  The experiment is to press and hold the button while moving the mouse.  Does the cursor move and select text while the button is down, or does it freeze immediately.  Paul, could you try this?

Hi Terry, 
   It's definitely on button down.  The popup immediately disappears and I'm hung, without ever releasing the mouse button.

  Newbie question: what is the "normal" way to use this feature.  I see that it apparently only works when I'm at the dot (eg, at   op.  ). So,if I want op.getcwd, I have to scroll a *long* way to get to it (rather than, eg, tyep   op.g or whatever) and then, when op.getcwd shows (below the box), I need to type "()" and hit return.  this seems a bit painful.  Is that the best use of this feature?

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