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The way I have seen that resolved - in many locations, is to have the 
option to specify a specific version, e.g., and then as long 
as that version remains available, perhaps as read-only for running with 
existing programs,they continue to work even when However, 
for some who believes, or expects, to be able to deal with potential ABI 
changes - they can specify simply and let the loader decide 
(what I see is that is a symbolic link to, or a copy of the 
latest version.)

So, I agree wholeheartedly, if a versioned number is requested, that, or 
nothing, should be returned. However, if it is generic - try to find a 
generic named library (and get the link or copy), and when that is not 
available either, take the latest versioned number.

It has been over two months, and I may have read it wrong - but that 
appears to be what the current "ldconfig -p" solution implements. (in 
ctypes, not uuid, so perhaps this is not the correct place to be 
responding. If so, my apologies).

On 08-May-16 05:24, Martin Panter wrote:
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> The versioning problem with already occurs with compiled programs. A C program compiled against will fail to load if you only have On the other hand, a Python program using find_library() will find either version. My point about robustness is that if a version 2 is invented, it might have different semantics or function signatures, and Python would then be assuming the wrong semantics.
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