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I should have explained my usage of 'idle2' and 'idle3'.  'Idle1' was the original IDLE that executed user code in the idle process.  'Idle2' was the re-write, still in use, that executes user code in a separate process.  'Idle3' is intended to be a re-write of similar scope that uses ttk, but also refactors to make automated tests and other changes easier.  (Adding multi-pane windows might be called 'idle4'.)  It is the tests and other changes that require refactoring.  Hence 'ttk-idle' partly misses the point unless understood as including name changes and refactoring.

For the idle2 re-writes, all the new code needed to execute remotely, by default, while keeping local execution as an option, had to be in place for any of it to be useful. The idle3 changes can be broken up into multiple usable and testable pieces.  I wish the renames could be in alpha1 and definitely want them in alpha2, along with a notice in What's New.  Anyone who has code that will break because of the changes should have opportunity to find out as soon as possible.  I would like to do simple ttk replacements by alpha 3.
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