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Suddha: Someone has to write a currently failing test and a patch that makes it pass without breaking anything else.  I cannot currently test this issue and therefore cannot currently patch it.  AutoComplete has numerous other issues that I can test.  About a month ago, I reviewed the code with an eye to fixing them.  I decided what I implied above, which is that I should not do anything until I can freely modify the code.  I just filed #26993 to make that possible.

Paul: For testing CPython in general, see, chapter 4 and 5 (and the unittest docs).  For testing IDLE, see test/test_idle and idlelib/idle_test, in particular README and  The latter is specific to IDLE.  If #26993 is approved, we will need LOTS of new tests for IDLE, as I want to properly follow the *written* failing test, write patch, passing test paradigm.
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