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There’s still something funny about your patches: the last one has a bit of configure script at the end of the posixmodule.c diff.

One other thing I thought of: “in” is not a practical keyword argument name in Python, because it is a reserved word. Yes, sendfile(**{"in": ...}) is already there, but I think we should find some other name for copy_file_range() before it is too late. Some ideas:

copy_file_range(input, output, count, offset_in, offset_out, flags)  # Spell them out
copy_file_range(fd_in, fd_out, len, off_in, off_out, flags)  # Direct from man page
copy_file_range(src, dst, count, offset_src, offset_dst, flags)  # Like os.replace(), shutil.copyfile(), etc
copy_file_range(fsrc, fdst, count, offset_src, offset_dst, flags)  # Like shutil.copyfileobj()

My favourites are probably “input”, or “src”.
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