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Author martin.panter
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Date 2016-05-08.08:56:33
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I left a few minor comments in the code review.

I agree automated testing would be awkward for Readline. It should be possible using a pseudoterminal (pty). In fact there is already very basic testing that does this in /Lib/test/, class PtyTests. It only tests the input() prompt.

I could have a go at writing a test. I guess pseudocode for a test would look a bit like:

def run_pty(script):
    [master, slave] = pty.openpty()
    with subprocess.Popen(script, stdin=slave, stdout=slave, stderr=slave)
        # Read and write concurrently like proc.communicate()
        master.write(b"dummy input\r")

template = """\
import readline
print("History length:", readline.get_current_history_length())

def test_auto_history_enabled(self):
    output = run_session(template.format(True))
    self.assertIn(b"History length: 1\n", output)

def test_auto_history_disabled(self):
    output = run_session(template.format(False))
    self.assertIn(b"History length: 0\n", output)
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