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Date 2016-05-05.21:08:55
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I'm new to IDLE.  I just upgraded to Mac El Capitan from Snow Leopard, and installed Python 3.5.1 (v3.5.1:37a07cee5969, Dec  5 2015, 21:12:44).

I have had the IDLE window freeze so many times (when clicking on something in the autocomplete window as described by Ned Deily) that I consider IDLE unusable.  I'm not familiar with Python bug practices but I would consider this a serious bug because, as a product manager would probably put it, this is going to drive away a significant percentage of new users (i.e., unexplained freezing of the product when doing something which seems natural -- clicking on the item that I want to select).

BTW, looks like I'm on tcl 8.5:
>>> tkinter.TclVersion

Unrelated question:  which can't Mac Spotlight find  is it in some compressed file or something, so I can't find a standalone py file?
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