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Date 2016-05-03.20:30:21
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At some point someone really needs to decide if the C layer behavior of performing an identity test before full equality checking is something that should be emulated at the Python layer or not. The current state seems ridiculous, where C containers check identity first simply by using the easier RichCompareBool function, while Python containers have to have the identity-then-equality check rewritten explicitly, which feels like a DRY violation.

Makes it harder for non-CPython implementations too, since they end up either not matching CPython behavior, or writing extra code to match the CPython quirks.

I have nothing against this patch, but between PyObject_RichCompareBool and the various slightly strange behaviors in the argument parsing format codes (which leads to silly workarounds like _check_int_field in #20858), I feel like the Python code base is getting cluttered with hacks to emulate the hacky C layer.
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