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Since I posted the message above, I have decided that there should be a new version of every currently used idlelib .py file and that all additions, with new names of course, should be done at once, but only to 3.5 and 3.6.  I will soon open a new issue to explain why and post the number here.

To prepare the patch for the new issue, I will try to use file idle_updating_imports.patch after replacing some of the new names with ones I prefer.  The attached @newnames.txt is the list from msg243572 with the addition of the new names I currently favor.  Some notes:

1. and are not currently used, and will be deleted from the patch.

2. is new in 3.5.1 and currently only has the help viewer.  It starts by declaring itself subject to change.  I plan to move all other help menu code into this file and want to keep the name for the new file.  I plan to rename the current file '' and change the imports in and accordingly

3. Most of the changes I made were to delete underscores that Al inserted.  They are not usually used in module names, even when they might be otherwise (example: tkinter.scrolledtext).

4. Other changes should make related files easier to find.

5. Some new names will disappear when files are combined.

Any further discussion here should be limited to the new names.
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