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Author yselivanov
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Date 2016-04-29.22:43:57
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Hi Guido, I'll try to update the patch soon.

> but I worry that there's a catch (e.g. memory cost that doesn't become apparent until you have a large program, or minimal speedup on realistic code).

Here's an excerpt from my email [1] to Python-dev on memory footprint:

To measure the max/average memory impact, I tuned my code to optimize 
*every* code object on *first* run.  Then I ran the entire Python test 
suite.  Python test suite + standard library both contain around 72395 
code objects, which required 20Mb of memory for caches.  The test 
process consumed around 400Mb of memory.  Thus, the absolute worst case 
scenario, the overhead is about 5%.

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