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Author Michael.Felt
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Date 2016-04-29.19:03:04
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On 4/28/2016 11:56 PM, Michael Felt wrote:
> Michael Felt added the comment:
> I have not looked specifically, at least not that I remember, for differences in util/ctypes in python2 and python3. Will do so tomorrow.
> I did just look briefly at the library, rather archive, built by default as libpython2.7.a - it is static members only, i.e., my build using xlc (i.e., not using gcc) does not build a shared object, so cdll.LoadLibrary and/or find_library will not find anything for python2.7.. Neither will m, or libm, on a default AIX system (with no other gcc based packages installed - these also install a gnu rte where the utilities and libs you mention might include.
> The few python packages I have found, packaged by others, tend to reload everything yet again, not depending on anything that may already be there. And to use shared libraries they are extracting the members from the .a archives into two directories - when they support both 32 and 64-bit targets.
> My intent is to examine the program to discover where libraries should be and find the member name that is most likely. Also, if LIBPATH is defined, those directories are searched first for a match.
> In short, the key difference is to look at the program (probably python) for the blibpath string in the application as well as python (from memory, sys.* calls) to build a list of directories to search.
> findLibrary('foo') first finds libfoo.a, then looks in libfoo.a for shr*.o members,, and/or, etc..
> I need to check that findLibrary('') continues to work. At one time it did, just have not looked at this for several weeks and I forget if it still works. That is what I shall make sure stays in the "testing" part of the patch.
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I am reworking the logic - as many use cdll.LoadLibrary without ever 
calling find_library, and then breaks.

More asap.
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