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Date 2016-04-29.02:22:18
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The obvious (but easy to fix) problem I forsee with Python 3 is the print() calls. If you use print("") and print(arg), that will work with both 2 and 3. There may be more complications with bytes vs text stdout if we change the os.popen() calls to use subprocess.Popen.

I didn’t mean to use libpython2.7 specifically. Substitute any shared library that is widely available across platforms; maybe “crypto” is a better example. CDLL(find_library("crypto")) loads "" on my Linux computer. It looks like you got the equivalent working for AIX; I was just checking.

FWIW it looks like your parsing of sys.executable to find library search paths is similar to searching the runpath (or RPATH) on ELF files, as proposed in Issue 19317. And it seems AIX’s LIBPATH environment variable is similar to LD_LIBRARY_PATH on Linux, proposed to be searched in Issue 9998. Also, I understand the equivalent OS X environment variables DYLD_(FALLBACK)_LIBRARY_PATH are already used.
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