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Author Dan McCombs
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Date 2016-04-27.19:42:14
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I somehow missed the comment on 2016-04-01, I apologize for being late to look at this.

Xiang is right, this patch should be reverted.

It looks like the issue reported was originally brought on by an being used from a Python after the patch in commit 7f913c6ada03 was added, but the running version of Python did not include the patch, so that the placeholder was not being swapped out. In that case, updating the script to include $ and use the variable fixed the problem, but when the patch in 7f913c6ada03 is also included it causes the placeholder to be swapped to a name wrapped in parenthesis preceded by $ at the time the venv is created causing a syntax error in fish.

Since the patch in commit 7f913c6ada03 swaps that place holder and handles doing so in the other activate scripts as well, the patch that was part of this issue (cfc66e37eb8e) is not needed and should be reverted.

Here's the commit adding that placeholder for context:
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