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Date 2016-04-27.13:34:57
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I agree about the documentation. It would only take a few minutes to do.

In regard to your inquiry about the second solution, more or less, yes. I left that one a bit ambiguous since there are many ways to skin that cat. But in retrospect, I probably shouldn't have included that potential solution since it'd be a bit goofy and wouldn't necessarily be much different (in terms of code conciseness) than the third workaround that I mentioned.

As for your suggestion about the fourth solution, I like that idea. I feel that it's actually more similar to the fifth solution than the fourth, but I feel that we're getting close to coming up with something that should be easy and effective.

Lastly, in regard to the fifth solution, yes. But I see what you're saying about the downside. Yeah, that would be rather annoying. For a moment, I thought that it could fall back to standard IO in the absence of Readline/libedit, but that would be a bit misleading for a function in the readline module. Besides, input already does that anyway.

I would imagine that in the vast majority of cases of using such a new function, the developer would fallback to input, because they'd likely prioritize getting the content from the user over ensuring Readline/libedit functionality. Since we already have a function that automatically does that, I think your suggestion to add a function to the readline module to enable/disable automatic history addition would be ideal. I'd be reluctant to use a global Python variable since it would be out of uniform with the rest of the members (i.e., functions) of the module.

I like the idea of adding a set_auto_history(flag=True|False) or something to that effect.
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