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Date 2016-04-27.08:41:06
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> I didn’t see any changes to the configure script in your patches. Did you make that change to define HAVE_COPY_FILE_RANGE yet?

I'm not really sure how to make the test for Other functions are checked differently (availability of header files), but in this case it would need a compile test. I will have to investigate further.

> In /Modules/posixmodule.c (all three of your patches have an indented diff header, so the review doesn’t pick it up):

indented diff header?

> +/* The name says posix but currently it's Linux only */
> What name are you referring to?

Posix, The function is not Posix at all. I can remove that comment.

> +return (!async_err) ? posix_error() : NULL;
> This would make more sense with the logic swapped around: async_err? NULL : posix_error()

I have to be honest, I just copied it from posix_sendfile(), but I agree.

I'll answer the last paragraph when I finished understanding it, but I think you mean things like zipFile.
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