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> Also how can we be sure that the '/system/build.prop' file may be guaranteed to exist on all android devices ?

This path is hard-coded in BioniC [1]. Though I can't find a document/relevant source codes to guarantee '' and '' is always in /system/build.prop

And the format of build.prop is not exactly INI. It supports 'import' clauses. See [2] and load_properties() function in [3]

Other options include calling `getprop` via subprocess or using C level function __system_property_get(). The first approach should always work. It's just somewhat tricky on Android 4.1 [4]. For the second option, a bad news is that it's a private API and was just removed from the latest NDK. Chromium has a workaround for that [5] and CPython may use similar approaches.

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