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Date 2016-04-24.19:06:20
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other issues fixed between these dates:

    - Issue #26659: Make the builtin slice type support cycle collection.
    - Issue #26718: super.__init__ no longer leaks memory if called multiple
      times.  NOTE: A direct call of super.__init__ is not endorsed!
    - Issue #25339: PYTHONIOENCODING now has priority over locale in setting
      the error handler for stdin and stdout.
    - Issue #26717: Stop encoding Latin-1-ized WSGI paths with UTF-8.
    - Issue #26735: Fix :func:`os.urandom` on Solaris 11.3 and newer when
      reading more than 1,024 bytes: call ``getrandom()`` multiple times with
      a limit of 1024 bytes per call.
    - Issue #16329: Add .webm to mimetypes.types_map.
    - Issue #13952: Add .csv to mimetypes.types_map.
    - Issue #26709: Fixed Y2038 problem in loading binary PLists.
    - Issue #23735: Handle terminal resizing with Readline 6.3+ by installing
      our own SIGWINCH handler.
    - Issue #26586: In http.server, respond with "413 Request header fields too
      large" if there are too many header fields to parse, rather than killing
      the connection and raising an unhandled exception.
    - Issue #22854: Change BufferedReader.writable() and
      BufferedWriter.readable() to always return False.
    - Issue #6953: Rework the Readline module documentation to group related
      functions together, and add more details such as what underlying Readline
      functions and variables are accessed.
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