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Author vstinner
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Date 2016-04-19.11:11:55
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> Could you perhaps check what's causing these slowdowns ?

It's obvious, no? My patch causes the slowdown.

On a timeit microbenchmark, I don't see such slowdown. That's also why
I suspect that pybench is unstable.

python3.6 -m timeit '{}' says 105 ns with and without the patch.

python3.6 -m timeit 'd={}; d[1]=1; d[2]=2; d[3]=3; d[4]=4; d[5]=5;
d[6]=6; d[7]=7; d[8]=8; d[9]=9; d[10]=10' says 838 ns with and without
the patch.

I have to "cheat": I run timeit enough times until I see the "minimum".
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