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Author lemburg
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Date 2016-04-19.11:01:23
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On 19.04.2016 12:52, STINNER Victor wrote:
> As usual, I'm very skeptical on the pybench results which almost look like noise. I don't understand how my change can make any operation *faster*, whereas some benchmarks are faster with the patch...

This can easily happen as a result of different memory layout, but is
very much dependent on the machine architecture, CPU, memory type, etc.

> Dict microbenchmarks:
>            DictCreation:    38ms    36ms   +4.8%    39ms    37ms   +3.9%
>       DictWithFloatKeys:    40ms    40ms   -0.8%    40ms    40ms   -0.4%
>     DictWithIntegerKeys:    33ms    31ms   +7.2%    33ms    31ms   +7.6%
>      DictWithStringKeys:    29ms    28ms   +0.4%    29ms    29ms   +0.7%
>  SimpleDictManipulation:    59ms    59ms   -0.4%    59ms    59ms   -0.4%

Only dict creation and the integer keys benchmark results are relevant.

Could you perhaps check what's causing these slowdowns ?
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