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@Stefan and @Marc, you say that people don't want to wait for PGO to build when running ./configure && make, but why? Even though many developers use it, this mode is not intended for development, it is production level and should be run once (or at leas a limited number or times), when the developers are sure that everything is fine in the debug mode. As Victor previously said, we should have all the *good* stuff (PGO, LTO, etc) enabled by default, regardless the time needed to do it.

@Victor, indeed, LTO is not yet good enough to use it stand-alone in CPython. That is the reason why it is enabled only with PGO, because applied over it, we obtain further speedups than PGO alone. Also Ubuntu uses PGO and LTO in their releases.

But in the end maybe `./configure --with-lto && make profile-opt` will have to do for everybody.
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