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Date 2016-04-14.01:14:50
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I'm trying to sort a list of tuples.  Most of the tuples are pairs of US state names.  However, some of the tuples have None instead of the 2nd name.  I want the items sorted first by the 1st element, and then by the 2nd element, BUT I want the None to count as LARGER than any name.  Thus, I want to see [('Alabama', 'Iowa'), ('Alabama', None)] rather than [('Alabama', None), ('Alabama', 'Iowa')].  I defined the following comparitor:

def cmp_keys (k1, k2):
    retval = cmp(k1[0], k2[0])
    if retval == 0:
        if k2[1] is None:
            retval = -1
        if k1[1] is None:
            retval = 1
            retval = cmp(k1[1], k2[1])
    return retval

However, once I sort using this, some of the elements are out of order.
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