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Date 2016-04-12.06:16:37
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That's a fair and valid point, Raymond.  "sorted_2.patch" was submitted for consideration.  Either __text_signature__ is wrong, or the call argument handling is wrong.  One should be fixed.

Having a flexible call signature as if sorted were a user-defined function, such as "def sorted(iterable, key=None, reverse=False):", does allow for programmatic use of the introspected signature.  Here, using "iterable=" as a keyword can be convenient.

"sorted_1.diff" is wrong.  To match the existing call signature, __text_signature__ should be:

sorted($module, iterable, /, *, key=None, reverse=False)

I don't know any other builtin with a signature like this.  Such a signature may be a point of confusion for people learning Python ("what are those funny symbols?!"), who often encounter sorted early on.
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