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Date 2016-04-06.00:16:37
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Sorry for the delay, this fell off my radar because emails from both the bug tracker and Rietveld tend to fall foul of my spam filters, so I have to go and check.

I have implemented Serhiy's suggestions, but there turns out to be a test (test_write_after_read) that calls writestr while a reading handle is open, and it now fails. This is absolutely expected according to the design we discussed, but if there's a test, I guess that means we need to keep that functionality working?

In principle, the only thing that's not possible is interleaving writes to multiple files within the zip - because we don't know where to start writing the second file. We should be able to have one writer and n readers going at once, but every time I start looking into that I get mired in complexity. Maybe (hopefully) there's some critical abstraction that hasn't occurred to me.
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