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Date 2016-04-01.18:53:18
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In the screen of `About IDLE` it shows "Tk version 8.6.4".
It used to work, as least since last september (when I installed this) I've had no problems. I assumed reinstalling would solve it but that did nothing. I've removed the entire python package, made my package manager download a fresh version and install it from scratch, and did the same with Tk.

Trying to find any related bug reports on the Arch Linux bug tracker I found something linking to this (open) issue:
I'm not sure the cause is exactly the same,  but the traceback is near identical.

It seems to have something to do with a config file. Maybe there's something broken in there, or perhaps a something is missing?
A broken config file would be weird as reinstalling doesn't fix anything, unless my package manager doesn't remove the config file when uninstalling the package, which isn't impossible either.
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