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Date 2016-04-01.08:48:33
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As for whether the shortcut float.is_integer(x) was needed, it has different behavior to x==int(x) when x is either NaN or an infinity.  We must even deal with two different exception types OverflowError or ValueError respectively for these two values on conversion to int. That float.is_integer() simply returns False for these values makes it more straightforward to use robustly. The same would go for Decimal, which has the same behavior with respect to NaNs and infinities as float.

I agree that is_integral may have been a better name, although is_integer has the advantage that it avoids conflating numeric values with either of the types 'int' or 'Integral'.

The motivation for my patches is to converge the interfaces of the various number types so that we can simply, and robustly, check for integer values (as opposed to integer types) without needing to be concerned about the concrete number type, so long as it is Real.  Indeed, this is largely the point of having a numeric tower at all.  I am more motivated by usability and concision and correctness than efficiency concerns: I believe that where
possible we should allow one number type to be substituted for another, and in particular `int` for any other Real type where purely mathematical - rather than representational operations - are in play.

Use of the existing float.is_integer is compromised by the fact that people have an entirely reasonably habit of passing integers (particularly literals) to functions which accept floats which then fail if they use float.is_integer.

Adding this method would reduce the educational load as the various number types would be more similar, not less.

I work in industrial fields where computational geometry, and hence rationals, floats, infinities and large integers are a day-to-day occurrence. Ultimately, I care more about consistency within the numeric tower types (Real, float, int, Rational, Integral, Fraction) than I do about Decimal, which is why I separated my changes to Decimal into a separate patch.
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