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Date 2016-03-31.17:36:39
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Hi, I did search for these in the open bugs, but did not find any matching bug.

I have a project that revealed that some of its InterSphinx links to existing classes/types or methods to not resolve their targets, or to resolve to a target that is not the right one (IMO).

This issue here describes everything I found in the datetime package.

Line numbers in this issue apply to the datetime.rst file as of commit 96a98bcaac70 (

* class datetime.tzinfo:

  An intersphinx link to it gets resolved but targets the short description of the class in the intro (line 106 of datetime.rst), and I did not find a way to target the full description (line 1552), which is really what this should be resolved to (IMO).

  I suspect that this has to do with the fact that this class has only one anchor on its short description on line 106, while companion classes such as datetime.datetime have two anchors (lines 91 and 681) where the last one wins (and happens to be the long description). However, see the next item.

* class datetime.timezone:

  Same issue as for class datetime.tzinfo; links get resolved but land on the short intro. However, this time there are two anchors (lines 113 and 1795). So maybe my suspicion above is rather speculation...

* method datetime.tzinfo.utcoffset:

  An intersphinx link to it does not get resolved. On line 1579 in datetime.rst, there is a `.. method:: tzinfo.utcoffset(dt)` but at least these intersphinx links did not get resolved:


  Do method anchors need the anchor for their defining class close by to work? Which because if the first issue above, would be the short version of it, way above. (Again speculation)

* Same for method datetime.tzinfo.dst
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