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> The change is to have all instructions take an argument. This removes the branch on each instruction on whether to load oparg. (...)

Oh ok, I like that :-) I had the same idea.

Your patch contains unrelated changes, you should revert them to have a change simpler to review.

Removing HAVE_ARGUMENT from opcode.h/ doesn't seem like a good idea. IMHO it's stil useful for dis to show a more compact bytcode. For example, I expect "DUP_TOP", not "DUP_TOP 0", or worse "DUP_TOP 5".

For backward compatibility, I also suggest to keep HAS_ARG() even if it must not be used to decode instructions anymore.

The following obvious change is to use a pointer aligned to 16-bits for co_code to be able to use 16-bit instructions rather than two 8-bit instructions to retrieve the opcode and then the argument in ceval.c (see the issue #25823). I suggest to implement that later to keep the change as simple as possible.
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