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Date 2016-03-29.10:55:03
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Oh ok, I understood the issue.
[haypo@freebsd ~/prog/python/default]$ rm Objects/ 
[haypo@freebsd ~/prog/python/default]$ make
python ./Objects/ < ./Include/typeslots.h > Objects/
/bin/sh: python: not found
*** Error code 127

make: stopped in /home/haypo/prog/python/default

I have "python2" and "python3" but no "python" on FreeBSD CURRENT. The configure script is smart enough to select "python3" as the ASDL generator, but it uses $(PYTHON) ("python") to build Objects/

We should use a smarter code to select the external "python" program to build Objects/

Moreover, when "make Objects/" fails, it creates an empty Objects/ file:
Objects/typeobject.o: Objects/
Objects/ $(srcdir)/Include/typeslots.h $(srcdir)/Objects/
        $(PYTHON) $(srcdir)/Objects/ < $(srcdir)/Include/typeslots.h > Objects/

The Objects/ should be written directly by Objects/
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