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Date 2016-03-25.21:31:39
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Serhiy Storchaka added the comment:
> 1. Is there a reason only name is closed, not dunder_name? (Josh's question, but I'm interesting too).

By default, sys.__stdout__ is sys.stdout. Is it ok to close the same file twice?

> 2. Is it worth to first replace standard streams with "standard printers", and then close original streams? This allows to log warnings from closing streams.

Yeah, I tried this locally after sending my patch. I think that we
should keep a strong reference and only "decref" after the stream is

> 3. "standard printers" are used at startup and at shutdown. Can we reuse some code? Or save and reuse "standard printers"?

I will check, it's maybe possible to share some code inside pylifecycle.c.

> 4. Daemons close standard streams and fileno(stdout) can return unrelevant value. Perhaps it is not good idea to recreate closed stdout.

Ah yes, while playing with my patch, I noticed that I replaced stdout
even if sys.stdout was NULL or None.

Closed stdout is a different thing. I guess that we can try to call
stdout.closed() and only replaced it with a standard printer it
closed() returns True (don't do it on error nor if closed() returns
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