Author tim.peters
Date 2006-03-22.20:27:17
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A long time ago, Python did install (by default) under
"Program Files".  I changed that, because of the endless
problems created by the frickin' embedded space, and rarer
but subtler problems due to "Program Files" not being a
DOSish 8.3 name.  Overall I still think it was a good change.

Note that, unlike most Windows applications (which are
GUI-based), programming languages are _intended_ to be used
heavily from the command line, invoked by scripts, and so
on.  That's what makes a space in the path endlessly
error-prone.  In WinXP Pro, I noticed that MS was still
careful to put its own command-line/script tools (sort.exe,
ipconfig.exe, cscript.exe, ..., even notepad.exe) under pure
DOSish 8.3 space-free paths ;-)
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