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Date 2016-03-20.12:06:44
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As Robert suggested, I tweaked the envvar tests to be more self-explanatory:

        https_is_verified = """import ssl, sys; \
            status = "Error: _create_default_https_context does not verify certs" \
                       if ssl._create_default_https_context is \
                          ssl._create_unverified_context \
                     else None; \
        https_is_not_verified = """import ssl, sys; \
            status = "Error: _create_default_https_context verifies certs" \
                       if ssl._create_default_https_context is \
                          ssl.create_default_context \
                     else None; \

I'm going to check this in as is and mark the PEP as Final. If anyone spots any minor cleanup issues, feel free to comment on them here, otherwise I'd suggest either opening a new issue or reopening this one for any larger concerns.
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