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Date 2016-03-19.12:43:37
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* the ABC should have a structural __issubclass__ check looking for __enter__ and __exit__ methods

* I agree with making __exit__ abstract (if you don't define it, you don't need a context manager), but does __enter__ need to be abstract? The "return self" default is a good one in many cases where the resource is acquired in __new__ or __init__.

* the docs for the ABC are potentially confusing, as they describe what the default implementation does, without making it clear that it's only the default implementation and *permitted* return behaviour is more flexible than that.

* I'd prefer not to have contextlib depend on typing, so the generic type definition should probably be in the typing module (similar to the abc-vs-type split for collections). That should also make backporting easier - the ABC can go back via contextlib2, while the generic type can go back via the comment-based typehinting variant
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