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Python emits ResourceWarning when an object using limited resource is destroyed without being explicitly closed: files, sockets, etc. The problem is that it's hard to find where the object comes from, since the warning can occur very late, in the garbage collector, etc.

I propose to reuse tracemalloc.get_object_traceback() to show were the object was allocated, when tracemalloc traces memory allocations. In practice, I propose to add a new "source" parameter to warnings.showwarning().

Attached patch:

* Add a new keyword-only source parameter to warnings.showwarning()
* Add C function PyErr_ResourceWarning() to pass source
* showwarning() uses tracemalloc.get_object_traceback() to get the traceback were the object was allocated
* Modify socket.socket, io.FileIO and os.scandir destructor to use PyErr_ResourceWarning()

Backward-compatibility problem: The C function PyErr_ResourceWarning() always call warnings.showwarning() with the keyword parameter source. If an application replaces the warnings.showwarning() function, it will probably fail because it doesn't know the source parameter.

I don't know how to handle this backward compatibility issue.

The patch is incomplete, it's not possible yet to emit a warning in pure Python with a source parameter. script used for examples below:
import warnings
import os
import socket

def func2():

def func():


Output with Python 3.5:
----- ResourceWarning: unclosed <socket.socket fd=3, ...>

Output with -X tracemalloc=5 command line option and patched Python 3.6:
----- ResourceWarning: unclosed <socket.socket fd=3, family=AddressFamily.AF_INET, type=SocketKind.SOCK_STREAM, proto=0, laddr=('', 0)>
Object allocated at (most recent call first):
  File "", lineno 8
  File "", lineno 12
  File "", lineno 14

It's much easier to understand where the warning comes from, no? At, line "f=socket.socket()".

Note: the traceback doesn't contain the function name, since tracemalloc only stores filename and line number.

See also the issue #26564 "Malloc debug hooks: display memory block traceback on error".

For Python < 3.6, I wrote "" script which monkey-patches io.FileIO and socket.socket to implement something similar. The script is a fragile hack. I would prefer to have the feature built-in Python.
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