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Date 2016-03-14.14:56:26
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gil_check.patch: add more checks on the GIL

* PyGILState_Check() now returns 1 (success) before the creation of the GIL and
  after the destruction of the GIL
* Add a flag to disable PyGILState_Check(). Disable PyGILState_Check() when
  Py_NewInterpreter() is called
* Add assert(PyGILState_Check()) to:

  - _Py_dup()
  - _Py_fstat()
  - _Py_read()
  - _Py_write()
  - PyObject_Malloc()
  - PyObject_Calloc()
  - PyObject_Realloc()
  - PyObject_Free()
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