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Daily meditations:

 - This table is nice to show that there's various operations common to int and float (and does it well), not to list rounding methods (it happen to have only rounding methods, but that's a coincidence).

 - A coma separated list like ":func:`math.trunc`, :func:`round`, :func:`math.floor`, and :func:`math.ceil`." are enough to list them and to show they contain various rounding methods which is clear about the fact they are a bit different.

 - Yet we have to be both readable for everybody and ultra precise about implementation for those implementing their own __floor__, and the math module does it really nicely.

But we can keep the table without the empty "Notes" column, leaving place to explain them with more words, so they  can be more readable, approaching this way the readability of the math module ?

Finally, the problem is the conciseness of the result column (which make me think a link is better than a too-concise explanation).
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