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The [french translation of the Python documentation]( just hit a 21% coverage in terms of pageviews (According to statistics [nicely provided by EWDurbin]( (It's 14% of the total strings to translate).

I think it may be a good time to push the translation to **, so french speaking people will be able to find it naturally, and more translators will be aware of it, increasing the translation speed.

Also it will probably motivate other translations (,, others ?) to work in a more standardized ways, and make their translations more discoverable.

So there's two discussions to have: The URL, and the "how".


I think the only reasonable possibility is *{country_code}/*

Having a CCTLD per translation is near impossible (a LOT or work and highly time consuming) as some domains are unavailable like and some other have high restrictions like having a physical presence in the country (like, or having a commercial relation with a local company like for

Also it allows localization via ** even if I don't think we need it soon.

If you have other ideas, better than **, that's why this issue is opened.

# How to

We have a [Makefile]( which like [docsbuild-scripts]( delegates naturally most of its work to the sphinx Makefile in *Doc/Makefile*, and is capable of building french versions of 2.7, 3.3, 3.4, and 3.5 in a simple invocation of `make build_all MODE=autobuild-stable` (cloning itself from the github repository, applying various patches (typically to configure sphinx to generate french). 3.2 is also possible but not built by default (no autobuild-html in its sphinx Makefile). 

I think docsbuild-scripts may delegate the french generation by simply cloning/updating our repository and calling our makefile. A patch (attached) will be necessary in docsbuild-scripts to copy generated doc to /fr/ and send purges to the CDN.

Finally, once all this is running, we'll start a discussion about cross-linking both documentations, probably reopening
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