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Author steve.dower
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Date 2016-03-09.17:08:13
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That's what I initially assumed, but when I looked in my 2.7 repo those changes weren't there. But according to the bug I checked them in, so I guess it is my fault.

Looking at the diff (e.g. 2f57270374f7), it seems I got sucked in by following the old code that tried to get `sys.getwindowsversion().platform_type`, when it should have been `platform`. (Possibly this was changed late during review, as I definitely tested on at least one server platform to verify... maybe it worked with the old fallback code and then once I made sure that we always set `platform` I removed the fallback without fixing the attribute.)

The patch is simple enough - committing and merging branches is the hard part. When I get a few free minutes I'll fix the attribute.
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