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> It could be made into a link like the other use of Integral.

I'll propose a patch.

> The other uses are "integral float", which is *not* the same as an integer.  It is a float whose value is a whole number, and AFAIK "integral" is the correct adjective for that.

Can you please give me some links to definitions / usages of the "integral" adjective ? As "integral float" is not verbose on google SERPs, so I can document myself on it and eventually translate it correctly in french ?

I'm still thinking that those sentences are way too hard to understand for a youg user (Think of all the childs learning Python ^^), and they're contrasting a lot with the other parts of the documentations which are far more readable. (Also remember that I'm not native english, maybe "integral" is a wisely used word for this context and I completly missed it).
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