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Author vstinner
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Date 2016-03-09.11:15:11
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Attached patch:

- Add PYTHONMALLOC env var which accepts 4 values:

  * pymalloc: use pymalloc for PyObject_Malloc(), malloc for PyMem_Malloc() and PyMem_RawMalloc()
  * pymalloc_debug: pymalloc + debug hooks
  * malloc: use malloc for PyObject_Malloc(), PyMem_Malloc() and PyMem_RawMalloc()
  * malloc_debug: malloc + debug hooks

- Add support for debug hooks in release mode
- Add unit test for debug hooks in
- Add unit on misuse of memory allocators in

PYTHONMALLOC is used even if -E command line option is used, I prefer to keep the code simple. PYTHONMALLOC must be checked before the first call to any Python memory allocator, so it must occur very earlier. Well, it's simply the first instruction of main()...

My main use case is to be able to use debug hooks to detect:

* misuse of python memory allocators like object allocated with PyObject_Malloc() and freed with PyMem_Free()
* buffer overflow
* buffer underlow
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