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Date 2016-03-09.03:20:58
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It looks like the ldconfig parsing isn’t working for some ABIs. See the following buildbot failures:

* Cortex A15 armv7l:
* ppc64le POWER8:

I presume there are other flags in the ABI string, perhaps like (libc6,hard-float) on ARM. The code that produces these strings seems to be here: <;a=blob;f=elf/cache.c;h=fbee172#l72>.

Looking closer at the find_library() implementation, I also realize it is not correct to say an absolute path is always returned. If the ldconfig check fails, it falls back to _get_soname(). I think we have the following options:

* Adjust the documentation to say an absolute path is only returned if the ldconfig call works
* Figure out how to get the right ldconfig flags for ARM and PPC
* Use the old parsing code on ARM and PPC platforms, and only return a full path on x86 or other platforms
* Revert the whole change
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