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It duplicates translated characters as well. For example:

    >>> table = str.maketrans('mnopqrb', 'rqponm\u0100', 'a')
    >>> 'aaaaaamnopqrb'.translate(table)

3.4 returns the correct result:

    >>> table = str.maketrans('mnopqrb', 'rqponm\u0100', 'a')
    >>> 'aaaaaamnopqrb'.translate(table)

The problem is the new fast path for one-to-one ASCII mapping (unicode_fast_translate in Objects/unicodeobject.c) doesn't have a way to return the current input position in order to resume processing the translation. _PyUnicode_TranslateCharmap assumes it's the same as the current writer position, which is wrong when input characters have been deleted.
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