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Date 2016-02-29.22:51:30
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This is not no more bug than

>>> from datetime import *
>>> datetime.strptime('0228', '%m%d')
datetime.datetime(1900, 2, 28, 0, 0)

Naturally, as long as datetime.strptime('0228', '%m%d') is the same as datetime.strptime('19000228', '%Y%m%d'), datetime.strptime('0229', '%m%d') should raise a ValueError as long as datetime.strptime('19000229', '%m%d') does.

The only improvement, I can think of in this situation is to point the user to time.strptime() in the error message.  The time.strptime method works just fine in the recent versions (see issue 14157.)

>>> time.strptime('0229', '%m%d')[1:3]
(2, 29)
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