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Date 2016-02-27.07:44:57
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Hi, yes, that works much better, and I've definitely understood!

Now, about the tests, how large would you like them to be? For instance :

code = bytes (
	chr(opmap["JUMP_FORWARD"]) + chr(0) + chr(255) + 
	chr(EXTENDED_ARG) + chr(1) + chr(1) + 
	chr(opmap["JUMP_FORWARD"]) + chr(0) + chr(0) +
	chr(EXTENDED_ARG) + chr(1) + chr(0) +
	chr(opmap["JUMP_ABSOLUTE"]) + chr(0) + chr(1) +

Would return [65283, 16842761, 65792]

And I'll make sure I test all the jump instances (I'm shuddering to imagine what a real computer would do if fed with those byte codes)

Do you want the tests to be large? (array size > 10^2/2 as a result), or is the example above fine, if I add three or four more example testing each jump instance?
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