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Author takluyver
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Date 2016-02-24.14:50:57
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My initial patch would have allowed passing a readable file-like object into zipfile. I was persuaded that allowing to return a writable object was a more intuitive and flexible API.

Concurrent writes with'w') should be impossible, because it only allows one open handle at a time. It still uses the lock inside _ZipWriteFile, so concurrent writes to a single handle should be serialised.

I would not recommend anyone try to do concurrent access to a single ZipFile object from multiple threads or coroutines. It's quite stateful, there is no mention of concurrency in the docs, and no tests I can see that try concurrent access. The only thing that might be safe is reading from two files inside the zip file (which shouldn't be changed by this), but I wouldn't want to guarantee even that.
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