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On OS X framework installs, the Mac-specific sub-makefiles do some important tailoring of IDLE/s config-extensions.def and config-main.def files, among other things changing Tk some Tk events for more appropriate keyboard bindings (e.g. "<Alt-" to "<Opt-".  On Python 2, this tailoring is performed by Mac/IDLE/ replacing the standard Lib/idlelib/config-extensions.def and Lib/idlelib/config-main.def files with pre-edited versions from Mac/IDLE (Mac/IDLE/config-extensions.def and Mac/IDLE/config-main.def).  Unfortunately, over the years, the Mac-specific files have not been kept in sync with the standard ones.  For Python 2.7.11, this results in the problem described in Issue25313 still being present for OS X framework installs, such as provided by the OS X installers and other third-party distributors.  (The symptoms are warning messages during IDLE startup of the form:

 Warning: - IdleConf.GetOption -
 problem retrieving configuration option 'name2'
 from section 'Theme'.
 returning default value: ''

For Python 3, the Mac Makefile installation of IDLE was substantially revised including eliminating the Mac-specific copies of the two .def files.  Instead, the Python 3 Makefile edits the default idlelib .def files during installation so that this kind of sync problem doesn't occur.  Ideally, the 2.7 Mac/IDLE/ should be changed to do what Python 3 does and the redundant .def files removed.  At a minimum the 2.7 Mac files should be synced.  Patch to follow.
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