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In socketmodule.c we lock around getaddrinfo calls on platforms where getaddrinfo is believed not to be thread-safe. We've verified that it *is* thread-safe, and therefore stopped locking around it, on FreeBSD 5.3+ (#1288833) and Mac OS X 10.5+ (#25924). This ticket intends to do the same for OpenBSD and NetBSD.

OpenBSD 5.4 fixed getaddrinfo's thread safety and announced it 2013-11-01, "getaddrinfo(3) is now thread-safe":

NetBSD's fix is older and less publicized. Since ancient times NetBSD's getaddrinfo.c included a comment, "Thread safe-ness must be checked", and the getaddrinfo(3) man page had the same warning as other BSDs, "The implementation of getaddrinfo is not thread-safe." On 2004-05-27 Christos Zoulas committed with the comment "make yp stuff re-entrant", fixing obvious problems like static variables in getaddrinfo:

That change was released with NetBSD 3.0, and that alone might convince us to stop locking around getaddrinfo. Later, on 2006-07-18, between NetBSD 3 and 4, Zoulas deleted the comment "Thread safe-ness must be checked" from the source, with the message "Remove comments that do not reflect reality anymore":

The same day, he removed the man page warning:

NetBSD 4.0 was released 2007-12-19.
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