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Author André Caron
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Date 2016-02-15.18:03:37
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Hi Guido,

Thanks for the quick reply :-)

AFAICT, there seem to be three possible directions regarding this issue -- for both wait() and as_completed():

1) remove the need for ensure_future(): make the membership test succeed and allow multiple await expressions on the same coroutine;

2) fail fast: reject coroutine objects as inputs to wait() and reject multiple await expressions on coroutine objects (see issue #25887);

3) clarify API usage: deprecate couroutine objects and enhance docs for wait(), as_completed() and ensure_future().

From a pure API standpoint, #1 makes the API more uniform and less surprising, #2 makes it easier to detect and fix incorrect usage and #3 accelerates troubleshooting when people get bitten by this quirk in the API.

You're right that technically, the case of side-effect-only coroutine invocations is a use case that's currently supported by wait() and that removing this (e.g. by adopting #2) would be a compatibility break.  I personally doubt that this is a common use case as both wait() and as_completed() seem specifically designed to recover the results, but I'm not an asyncio expert either.

Asyncio is still young and is undergoing adoption, so I would like to see this issue resolved without resorting to #3.

Any chance #1 or #2 can be considered?
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