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I think the new regular expression will still find the wrong library in my libm example above. In 32-bit mode, it will be only looking to match \(libc6.*\). Since my example has the 64-bit line first, that one will match first. (I haven’t actually tested this, but I think I compiled 32-bit Python once before just by specifying CC="gcc -m32". Sorry to keep poking holes in your regular expression :)

Do you know if there is documentation for the “ldconfig -p” output format, or do we just have to go on what we see? If so, I would change it to ensure the ABI type string is either followed by a comma and space ", " or a closing bracket ")". A comma on its own, or other letters, is not a match.

I did a search for “find_library”, and the most likely place is /Lib/ctypes/test/ You could probably get away with just adding a new method like Test_OpenGL_libs.test_path(). On my computer I have the GL and GLU libraries (but not gle), so I guess that these libraries are fairly common (plus it already has Windows and OS X versions to test).
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